For a few months, the Industrial and Technical Information Systems “I.T.I.S” have been severely tested regularly, especially as regards safety, at the time of hacking attacks or intrusions attempts. These “I.T.I.S” are interesting from several points of view, including technical and functional elements, because of their unknown and original complexities.

The traditional Information Systems “I.S” that are frequently encountered, are for most of them, relatively well protected by a multitude of services, various and varied components, network equipments and security software.

The “I.T.I.S” have been always the poor relation of data processing, many times relegated to be unabled to communicate and to exchange data to more advanced systems. However, for several years, software publishers and hardware manufacturers have not been hesitated any more to make cohabitation and interaction between the both informations systems by building and establishing software and hardware bridges, often poorly and badly partitioned or not, even at all: the perfect dreamed way for all kinds of evil intentions and malwares.

The specialized press informs us regularly, but in dribs and drabs, of various problems of safety and security issues occuring here or there, on facilities, installations, systems or industrial applications in France or abroad. The “I.T.I.S” have several years of delay, including safety and maintenance applications.

Who, nowadays, to hear about Lisp, Forth, Modula-2, PL/1, Kool, DecNet, ModBus, 68705P3S, … ? Few people, except ourselves and the others… technology watchmen.

One of AUTOURDSI EURL expertises is to help business owners of “I.T.I.S” in auditing, consulting and recommendations for their industrial and technical infrastructures, in automatism applications, robotics and embedded systems scopes. We continuously maintain our skills, our knowledges and our expertise on these systems, acquired in different and various professional grounds.

The security of Industrial and Technical Information Systems is the business of all … and us in particular.