Design and training technical workshops on networking technologies Design and training technical workshops on new network technologies (WiMax, CPL, wifi).


Definition of testing strategies for all projects related to printing Definition and development of test methods for customer projects in the chain of graphic printing


Business Intelligence tools training Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence training


Designing and writting training books Designing and writting training books on Microsoft Windows XP Professional


Technical Support for critical development and integration platforms Mutualized administration, high-level technical support, optimization and troubleshooting platforms for critical industrial development and integration platforms.


Following up management and urbanization Follow up management and IT urbanist consultant for production I.S


MS Operational L3 Database Team Leader and Skill Center Databases Coordinator Microsoft SQL Server Operational L3 Technical Team Leader and Skill Center databases coordinator


Help with setting up the master plan group Reorganization project for new computer activities


Assistance in the implementation of a platform for Private Cloud Computing AMOA on a “Private Cloud” architecture project based free solutions


Database oriented application architecture Databases application architecture based on MS SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL features for complex software


Modification of functional architecture for adaptation in high availability Implementation of technical and functional changes to the PVO application before operation on high availability


Technical audit Optimization of Microsoft technical infrastructure for staging and production clients environments


Organizational Audit Global audit of existing IS and process improvements for the labor department office.


Analyze of an existent technical audit Recovery of an audit performed by an existing partner specialized in Business Intelligence


Functional audit on a medical ERP Functional audit of a medical ERP “Websphere” (procurement and logistics areas in order to optimize the hospital products flows.


Computer technical architecture Technical infrastructure and architecture computer projects. Always in constant evolution


Help in setting industrial production of an exhaust system for farm tractors Establish a cartographic process map for understanding methods of an exhaust pipe line manufacturing for farm tractors, in order to provide a modelization of automated processes.


Implementation of an evolutive technical document system management Implementation of a solution of electronic document management with recuperation of existing documents and plans for manufacturing.


Help in setting industrial production of a line guides tilt seats of light vehicles Completion of a guides manufacturing line for inclinations seats on tourism vehicles.